About Our Clothes


Our aim is to bring unique, limited edition, high quality clothing to street wear. We are bound and determined to deliver premium-quality garments in a unique combination of elegant materials and impressive craftsmanship.


We use fabrics of the highest quality, either imported from Japan or sourced from the local market. Fabrics of choice include sand-washed cotton, long-fibered silk, ultra-fine linen etc, which being extremely soft, contribute to the elegance and comfort of the garment. 


When it comes to sewing, we have high standards in order to meet the sophisticated, individual needs of our customers. Therefore we employ the best Vietnamese tailors with outstanding specialized craftsmanship, showcasing their excellent dexterity in each and every kimono, top and dress.


We offer limited edition, designer clothes at affordable prices and here's how: First off, we do business out of Saigon, Vietnam, where labor cost is low. Secondly, in the UK we only operate online, out of our warehouse in Milton Keynes, so our overhead costs are minimal. Lastly, we don’t spend money on advertising as we believe that our business will grow the same way it grew in Asia, through word of mouth. Therefore we manage to supply our UK customers with the same base pricing as in Vietnamese retail market, merely burdened by transportation and duty.